Photovoltaic System

Brief Introduction


Business Scope: On-site Survey, Photovoltaic System Solution Provision, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

Photovoltaic Applications: Distributed Photovoltaic Power Plants (Industrial and Commercial Rooftop Power Stations, Household Rooftop Power Stations)

Solutions: Industrial and Commercial Green Power Solutions, Household Green Power Solutions

Solution Features: Heat Insulation and Cooling, Power Saving, Optimized Energy Efficiency

Service Advantages: Have A Local Professional Photovoltaic Solution Technical Team And A Professional Construction Operation and Maintenance Team

Distributed Photovoltaic Power System Elements

A. Module (absorbs sunlight, converts solar radiation into electrical energy)

B. Inverter (converts the DC power generated by the components into AC power for easy transmission)

C. Power Distribution Cabinet (reasonable distribution of electric energy to protect the safety of users' electricity consumption)

D. Two-way Meter (calculate the amount of electricity generated and consumed by users)

E. The Grid (the whole composed of substations and transmission and distribution lines of each voltage in the power system)



Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Photovoltaic Power Plants


Optimized configuration to avoid waste of power;

High-efficiency photovoltaic modules to improve photovoltaic output;

Revitalize the client's roof assets;

Low-carbon and environmentally friendly. 

Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Solutions

Maximizing the self-use rate of the power generated by PV system with the storage battery.

Power is self-generated and used during the daytime, and the remaining power is stored for future use.

The battery can supply power to the load in the peak-shaving and valley-filling mode.

The battery can supply power to the load at night and can be used as a backup power in case of emergency.